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Struggles. Brief moments of frustration. Small setbacks. Long periods of profound darkness. Confusion. Anxiety. Depression. Despair. Grief. It’s all part of this messy human experience. We’d give almost anything if we could grow purely from the sunlight, but alas, the rain is as necessary as the sunlight.

The storms matter. A ton. They strengthen us in ways too great to name. They make us, all these moments that at first feel as if they are breaking us. We are hardwired for this fight. We just need to be reminded of that over and over and over again. We are resilient. We are braver than we ever could have imagined before the storm broke. We are warriors.

Raising our hand. Reaching out. Speaking up. Asking for help. Getting the love and support we need. Letting those we love know we’re going under, to any degree, is the bravest thing we will ever do while on this planet. It’s everything. Authenticity requires a kind of courage we may have yet to name. It is born in the deepest part of our soul. Naming “it” is also one of the most generous gift we can offer humanity, because if you can speak your truth, if you can acknowledge that you are struggling then maybe, just maybe, we can too. We won’t feel quite so alone in all this. The big huge bonus to it all? Giving others the opportunity, the privilege, to show up for us, to love us, to think clearly for us when we are hurting is the greatest of all gifts. Because, in case nobody has mentioned this yet, it’s ultimately what we’re here for. All the other life stuff is lovely, but ultimately we are here to be of service. We are, as Ram Das says, “all just walking each other home."

If you are struggling it’s ok. This part is awful, but this too shall pass. Lay down your shields and masks. Speak up. Reach out. Please let us help you, because you are so very worth it. You are worth fighting for, no matter what the stories in your head are telling you in this moment.

Original quote Dave Hollis

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