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Just Like That...

I love sharing things I’ve come across that inspire me, as I hope they might inspire you as well. Like most people these days I come across a lot of stuff that spark something inside me. And every once in awhile I come across something that makes me feel like I just got stung by a small but mighty bug. Usually I simply move beyond. Everything is not for everyone. I moved beyond this message almost two weeks ago, regardless of the visceral reaction I had to it. And then I saw the same message pop up, in the exact same words, at least another six times over the past few days. Different formats, same words. Numerous other quotes with different words, but the same underlying message. There is magic here. Catch it if you can. There is something powerful in this message I feel needs to be addressed.

The vast majority of responses to this message were positive. Thousands of people have “liked” it. Many people commented on it. Every few responses, however, I saw some version of “I’m still waiting for that day” The sadness and confusion was palpable and understandable. Why are all these others getting this? What am I doing wrong? What makes me unworthy to receive this kind of magic? I won’t address my strong suspicion that many of those who responded positively maintain a lack of trust in this kind of enlightenment other than to say this; I call bullshit.

One day, just like that. It sounds magical doesn’t it? This idea that if we read enough inspiration quotes and follow enough enlightened folks online we too can participate in the magic. We may be healed through proximity. It reeks of passivity, and there is nothing passive about growing. The purpose of inspirational quotes is simply to inspire. Nothing more. Nothing less. To inspire in the literal sense. Period. It is not to heal. It is not where the work lies.

There is nothing “just like that” about healing and real growth, and it never happens in a day, no matter how enlightening the moment may be. In a day we can be inspired to begin, to listen to the whispering “look there. Pay attention to that", and that is all. Emotional growth is painful, and exciting, and terrifying, and hard. It is so so hard. It is a long process requiring dedication and perseverance. And it is so worth it. It is day in, day out, breath by breath, one courageously vulnerable tiny step at a time, looking deeply into the mirror, one more time falling, one more time getting back up. Again and again and again. It is blood, sweat, practice, inquiry, analysis, tears, and laughter. We would never dream of posting a quote inferring “and one day, just like that, we woke up in amazing shape. We were strong and fit and capable of running great distances” so please let’s not take a drive-by magical approach to our emotional and spiritual growth.

Peace & Love Always,


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