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Unconditional Love. What the Point?

Unconditional Love. What’s the Point?

I am a fervent believer in the power of unconditional love. My only true job as a parent, spouse, sibling, aunt, and as a friend is to love unconditionally. But what’s the purpose? And what does unconditional love really look like?

Unconditional love looks like this; I am solidly in your corner and by your side regardless of the complexity of the situation. Regardless of your behavior, feelings, or words I stand with you. I stand for you. You cannot shock me. You cannot offend me. You are powerless to make me stop loving you. You cannot shake me. I believe in your journey. I believe in you. I’m not going anywhere. Whether you choose to like it or not would be your business, but I will show up for you every…single…time.

Why love unconditionally? Unconditional love is selfless, reminding us of our place, of where we end and others begin. It connects us to our integrity and our intention. But the purpose of unconditional love goes so much deeper. We are planting seeds. We are cultivating. Creating and nurturing a safe space, a soft place to land for those we love. We are laying the foundation on which we build a fortress. We are preparing for war, for the emotional and spiritual battles that are inevitably headed our way, because that’s how life works. We all get knocked to the ground. We all have periods of struggle, confusion and deep sadness. We all face the darkness of life and of our shadow-selves. Life is moments of profound joy, happiness, serenity and purpose broken up by seasons of extreme doubt, heartache, desperation, uncertainty, pain and fear.

Ultimately? We want you to be so certain of our love for you, and our belief in you, that you don’t even hesitate reaching for the phone the moment your life hits a bump, or takes a hard left turn, the moment you lose your breath, get your heart smashed to pieces, are overwhelmed, in fear or find yourself surrounded by darkness. So that when life’s next battle arrives, enveloped in unconditional love, we will be prepared, because we stand together, and together we can face anything this world throws our way. Together we will prevail.

Because unconditional love is that powerful. It is everything.

In the space of crisis, of fear, heartache, darkness and suffering, there will be no judgment. There will be no fear. There will only be love; a deep, unbreakable, abiding presence of love. Time for analysis will come later, for sorting through it all with an objective lens, but here, right now, in the eye of the storm, there will only be unconditional love.

The real purpose of unconditional love? To show them that their calls will be answered, no matter the time of day, with love, with compassion, with strength and with courage. Remaining centered and calm while their world seems to be spinning out of control. Holding space. To be brave for them until they can again be brave for themselves.To send the message that we will be their anchor in the fiercest of storms.

We are called to love one another unconditionally. Period. The rest is ego. The rest is fear. The rest is judgment and noise.

Peace & Love Always Xo, Beth

Peace & Love Always

Xo, Beth

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