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We Belong To Each Other

“The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering” ~ Ben Okri

I believe passionately in the power of love, in the power of grace, and in the power of extraordinary kindness. I believe we possess everything needed to heal this wounded world. I believe that healing begins right here, right now, with us, and that if we wait to be rescued by "the powers that be", if we wait for policy, or law, to change, we risk missing this extraordinary opportunity to be part of something miraculous. We all need to be reminded that we belong to each other. We belong to each other. How did we forget that sacred truth?

We get caught up in our lives, in our personal stressors. We become frightened. We create little bubbles built on fear and anger and we convince ourselves we will be kept safe inside those bubbles. We dive into the arena of “us versus them” because it keeps us disconnected and disconnection feels safer and easier. We dehumanize, because if we can make our perceived enemies "less than" we won't feel quite so badly when we run over them with our brilliant ideas of how this should all turn out. Or will we feel just as badly, worse in fact, because within the moment we had a choice?

There are those who believe that the choice to love in the face of hatred, to be compassionate in the face of rage, to be tolerant in the face of intolerance, is somehow soft and lacking in personal resolve. It's spiritual mumbo jumbo, it's hippie talk some say. And yet, I know of nothing requiring more courage and strength than choosing to be a living example of these qualities. Anger, shaming, dehumanizing, and intolerance are all so very very easy. They require no thought, no restraint, no bravery. Lashing out is a piece of cake. It requires no effort… it costs us our soul.

So my challenge, my call to action, is simple and yet requires a warriors heart. If we remembered that we belong to each other what might happen? We would pay closer attention to those around us. We would make a conscious decision to really acknowledge all whose path we crossed. We would hear beyond their words. We would see beyond their behaviors. We would slow down. We would listen to our instincts when we suspect someone might be feeling marginalized, left out, lonely or hurting. We would resist the temptation to turn away while uttering to ourselves "not my problem.” We would resist judging. We would lean in and ask any version of "how can I help you?" Because of this I am certain; regardless of what changes, or doesn't, until we begin here...we belong to each other...we are doomed. It's our sacred responsibility to care for one another (especially when it feels inconvenient), to be a soft place to land for others, to be a beacon of hope, love and possibilities. It is our profound privilege to seize the opportunity to let someone else know they are not alone, that they are seen and heard; that they matter. Because a wounded soul receiving the message that they are worthy, that they matter, by just one person can make all the difference in the world. It can save them. It can save us all. The world needs you, right here, right now. Ready?

We belong to each other. How can I help you?

Peace & Love Always Xo, Beth

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